Indoor Plant Maintenance

We prefer to maintain plants on a weekly schedule, but, we can set up a schedule to your liking If it is biweekly or even once a month. We maintain proper moisture and nutrition for plants using  current horticultural practices, thus eliminating the use of chemicals. Keeping the leaves clean is a must as well, enabling the plants to uptake CO2 and harmful chemicals in your home or office space. Straitening up the plants and container is also a must for an attractive space. Let us maintain your  interior plants,  and you will see a difference, using  our professional plant service staff.

Exterior Container Plant Maintenance

We also install and maintain exterior plants in containers too.


Plant Rentals

 We also provide plant rentals for events, photo shoots, background film shoots, grand openings, weddings, stage enhancements or even conventions. We offer all green plants for background and flowering plants as well. Tell us what you’re looking for and we can come up with a solution.